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  • My Month in Hell

    My Month in Hell

    I never have and never will be big on social media. I don’t really have that look, that joke hit rate, that charisma. But I finally found a comfy little section to live in. Until it was burned down. For the second time. On January 25th, I thought I had met the man of my…

  • Episode -1

    Episode -1

    In which, there is no audio file, so that our heroes can test and design the site before the launch actually happens so things will look good and not break.

  • Reblog via Schwegler Everyone can follow my new WordPress with ActivityPub at I hope this makes the node populate on more instances. 🤞

  • Testing the Mastodon Integration

    Is the fediverse seeing this?

  • Our new little thing.

    Our new little thing.

    While this will mostly be a website for our new podcast, I plan on using this space to post about other things that interest me in that very-online way that would fit in with our new podcast. The podcast? More on that one soon, but the gist is that we (my sister, Jennifer, and I,…